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Auto and Home Theft Tips

Auto theft and home break-ins are two of the biggest threats to auto and home owners. It not only puts you at financial risk, it can impact your insurance rates and have an impact on your psyche.
The good news is that for 11 years in a row, the crime rate in Canada has dropped.

“Canada’s overall crime severity index (which measures the volume and severity of police-reported crime) decreased three per cent last year –the lowest it has been since the data was first collected in 1998. Traditional police-reported crime rate (the volume of crime relative to population size) also decreased by three per cent last year. The reason: a large decrease in break and enter, and robbery offences, according to the release,” says Terra Ciolfe and Jeremy Agius in The Globe and Mail.

They also noted that motor vehicle theft also decreased – by 1%.

Even though crime rates are down, it’s important that you still take extra precautions to protect your car and your home.

Auto Theft Prevention Tips

You never know when your vehicle could be a target of thieves. They could target your vehicle while you are at work, parked at the mall, or even when it’s in your driveway. Here are some important tips to reduce the odds of your vehicle getting stolen:

·         Never leave valuables in your car (wallet, phone, computer)
·         Never leave your vehicle running unattended
·         Always roll up the windows and lock the doors
·         Park in the garage if possible
·         Invest in a vehicle security system
·         When parking in public, park in well-lit and attended lots
·         Avoid purchasing vehicles that frequently appear on the most stolen list

Home Theft Prevention Tips

Protecting your home is of the utmost importance. When at home, or away from your home, you want it to feel like a safe environment for you and your family. Here are some important tips to help reduce the odds of your home being targeted for a break and enter:

·         Invest in a home security system (this will also save you money on your home insurance)
·         Avoid being too “showy” and displaying high ticket items in windows for all to see
·         Make sure you lock all doors, windows, and fence gates, and keep the garage door closed when not at home
·         Avoid talking about vacation plans on social media
·         Install security lighting – including motion sensors in your driveway
·         Change your home entry code and security system password on a regular basis

Ensuring your home and car are safe is not only great for your peace of mind, it can also save you money on your insurance rates.

To learn more about how auto and home theft can impact your insurance rates, please contact me directly. I am an insurance broker in Toronto who is dedicated to helping you get the lowest home and auto insurance rates in the GTA. 
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