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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month – a time to bring awareness to the most dangerous threat to drivers and pedestrians on our roadways. In fact, it is now the number one killer on our roads today – surpassing drinking and driving and other dangerous driving habits.
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Posted: 4/8/2016 3:30:34 PM by Marianne Cipollone | with 0 comments

Don’t try to test the luck of the Irish by drinking and driving. The police will be on high alert, you can expect RIDE programs in your area, and you could put your life and the lives of others at risk if you decide to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks.
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Posted: 3/11/2016 9:54:59 AM by Marianne Cipollone | with 0 comments

With the holiday season approaching, now is the perfect time for a reminder to refrain from drinking and driving. December is also National Impaired Driving Prevention month. If you have not seen them already, expect to see a steady increase of RIDE programs in your area. The good news is fatalities involving drunk drivers are declining, but we still have work to do.
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Posted: 12/2/2015 9:42:42 AM by Marianne Cipollone | with 0 comments