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Spring is a time of year that most people look forward to. We look forward to spending more time outside and enjoying the warmer weather.It is also a time of year where severe weather such as thunderstorms, tornados and flooding and have a significant impact on our well-being – especially if we are ill prepared to deal with severe weather situations at home.
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Posted: 4/22/2016 11:49:52 AM by Marianne Cipollone | with 0 comments

The changing of the season is the perfect time of the year to get things done and prepare for the warm weather ahead. Two of the most important things to get in order are your home and your vehicle. They are two investments that you need to protect, and a little spring cleaning will help you keep both in top condition.
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Posted: 4/18/2016 11:21:06 AM by Marianne Cipollone | with 0 comments

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month – a time to bring awareness to the most dangerous threat to drivers and pedestrians on our roadways. In fact, it is now the number one killer on our roads today – surpassing drinking and driving and other dangerous driving habits.
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Posted: 4/8/2016 3:30:34 PM by Marianne Cipollone | with 0 comments