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What You Need to Know About Inconsistent Weather Patterns and Insurance

The weather in Canada is unpredictable, and we have had our fair share of unpredictable and damaging weather events in the country over the past decade. Remember the flooding in Calgary and Toronto? What about the tornados that passed through southwestern Ontario in 2015? These are all very real reminders that we, as home and business owners, need to take climate change seriously and be proactive in our approach.

What Can We Do Collectively?

As many in the insurance industry will argue, in order to limit the damage and costs associated with weather-related issues, we need to be forward thinking and take steps today to cut costs.
"The property and casualty insurance industry has been on the front lines of this," Craig Stewart, Vice-President of Federal Affairs for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, told CBC News. "For the industry, climate change is a priority. We're working with every level of government to try to impress preparedness."

This means:

·         Being more conscious of where we build homes and businesses
·         Being advocates for having better building standards and safety regulations
·         Being proactive with infrastructure upgrades in our community
·         Working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have a smaller carbon footprint
·         Taking climate change seriously, understanding its impact, and understanding what we can do

What Can We Do Individually?

As individuals and as business owners, we also owe it to ourselves to ensure that we have the right level of insurance coverage to protect our future financial well-being.

·         Do you know if you have flood protection?
·         What about overland water protection?
·         Is your business protected from damaged caused by weather-related events?
·         Do you have gaps in your insurance coverage?

If you are not sure, or if you don’t have coverage that protects you from weather-related issues, you are taking on more risk than you need to be. Rather than assuming or having an “it will never happen to me” approach, it’s vital that you assess your insurance coverage. Adding coverage that protects you from weather-related events will protect you and give you peace of mind amid the chaos in the event you need to file a claim.

Let an Insurance Broker Assess Your Insurance Requirements

Stop trying to weather the storm of potential insurance claims and give yourself peace of mind by ensuring you have the right amount of insurance coverage to protect your business, your home and your family from weather-related events.

Contact me personally, a Toronto insurance broker, today to learn more about your home, auto and business insurance needs. As a broker, I can help you shop for the best insurance policy that makes sense for your specific needs. Call me at 416-994-0892. I look forward to being your go-to insurance professional in the GTA! 

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