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16 Tips for Hosting a Successful New Year's Eve Party to Ring in 2016

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! Are you planning a party this year to ring in 2016 with your family and friends? If you are, you know how much time and effort it can take to host – from invitations to food, drinks, decorations, party favors, and much more, there is no shortage of things you have to get in order if you want to have a successful party and kick off the new year right.

To help you have the best New Year’s Eve party possible, I have put together a list of 16 awesome party tips to host a memorable New Year’s Eve party:

1.    Send out the invites early: If you don’t already have your guest list in order, you better get going on it. People tend to make plans early.

2.    Plan food in advance:  Take advantage of sales at the grocery store, consider having a potluck, or a “bring your own appetizer” party.

3.    Get some helpers: Don’t try to do everything yourself – get some helpers. You will accomplish much more!

4.    Don’t cheap out on the snacks: While chips and dip is great, take your snack game to the next level – after all, its New Years!

5.    Photo booth: Set up a photo booth using a digital camera to capture the night’s festivities.

6.    Have a theme: Having a theme is a great way to make your party more fun.

7.    Have a signature drink: Create a signature drink for your guests – have it fit with your party theme.

8.    Create a hashtag: Use a hashtag for your guests to use while they are posting on social media about your party. Later on, you can see all the posts from the party.

9.    Plan some games for entertainment: Plan some simple games for your guests to play throughout the evening.

10.  Create the playlist in advance: Ask friends to submit song requests in advance and create a music playlist for the evening.

11.  Don’t spend the entire night in the kitchen: It’s your party, so don’t spend the entire night in the kitchen. Enjoy the company of your guests.

12.  Have a plan to keep the kids and pets occupied: Set up the kids in the basement or other area of the house with some movies and snacks, and make sure your pets are occupied during the party.

13.  Don’t forget the bubbly: Make sure you get a few bottles of champagne to ring in the New Year right!

14.  Get some party favors: People still love them - noisemakers, hats, tiaras, boas, and horns.

15.  Ask guests to write predictions for the coming year: Have a book or hang up a blank piece of paper on the wall on which your guests can write their resolutions.

16.  No drinking and driving: Have non-alcoholic beverage options, and make sure everyone has a safe ride home!

Follow these tips and you will be sure to have a fun and successful New Year’s Eve party this year.

Once you are finished partying, the beginning of the new year is the perfect time to review your insurance policy and get a quote for business insurance, home insurance, and car insurance in Toronto.

Happy Holidays!

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