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Spring Is Coming!! Is Your Home Protected from Flooding?

Spring is on the way (hopefully!). While many of us are starting to think about what we can do with the warmer weather on the way, and what we want to do with our gardens and landscaping for the season, as the snow melts, it presents a potentially costly issue for homeowners – flooding, water infiltration, and water damage to our homes.

While the spring thaw is welcomed by everyone in Toronto and across the province, if your home is not properly protected from water damage, you could have a spring home insurance claim on your hands.

There are a number of ways your home could be at risk:

“According to the City of Toronto website, basement flooding is caused by a number of reasons including a crack in your home’s foundation, poor lot grading or drainage, overflowing eavestroughs, blocked connection between the home and the main sewer in the street or a back-up of wastewater in the sewer system,” says David Shum of Global News.

How to Avoid Spring Home Flooding Issues

The risk of a spring flood or water damage issue is very real. Thousands of homeowners experience these issues when the weather warms up, and many of these issues are preventable by being proactive and taking the necessary steps to protect your home from water damage.

Here are some steps to take to reduce the risk of flood and water damage during the spring:

·         Have your basement foundation inspected if you notice cracks or suspect there are foundation issues
·         Make sure your property is properly graded so that water flows away from your home, not towards it
·         Remove all snow and ice from around your home and basement window wells
·         Make sure all downspouts are working properly and are extended a minimum of two meters away from your home at all times – this prevents moisture from building up around your foundation
·         Have your sump pump inspected to ensure it is working properly and efficiently
·         Consider installing a backflow valve to prevent sewer back-up
·         Install a leak detection alarm and check for signs of leaks on a regular basis

However, sometimes, no matter how many precautions you take, flooding can still happen. This is why it’s important to move items in your basement onto shelving and remove all high ticket items to other safe locations in your home.

Do You Have Flood Insurance Coverage for Your Home?

Many homeowners assume they have flood insurance coverage when, in fact, they do not. If you are not sure, it’s very important to contact your insurance broker in Toronto to find out – it could be the difference between being covered for your claim or not.

Want to explore your home insurance options? Need assistance understanding your policy or whether or not you are covered for flood and water damage? Give me a call anytime. I’m happy to answer your questions and help you get the home insurance coverage you need at affordable rates. Get a free home insurance quote today! 
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