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The Broker Advantage: Why Working with a Broker Makes Sense for Small Businesses in Toronto

As an owner of a small business in Toronto myself, I understand the importance of finding affordable and effective solutions for my business. Budgets are often tight, especially with new businesses, and finding ways to cut costs and save money is a priority for me and other business owners across the Greater Toronto Area. One area where you can shop around to lower your costs is insurance.

Whether you are a contractor, home-based business, small boutique shop or Internet-based business, having dependable and affordable business insurance is important to minimize risk and ensure your business is protected.

To get the insurance coverage you need at a price that fits within your budget, it makes sense for companies to work with a local Toronto insurance broker. I understand your needs, I am familiar with the area and business landscape, and I have the connections in the insurance industry to help you find a business insurance policy that will meet all your business needs.

Why does it make sense to work with a local Toronto business insurance broker?

Working with a local insurance broker makes sense on multiple levels:

You deal with me directly: As your broker, I am your go-to person for all your insurance needs. I am available to talk with you on the phone, meet in person, and help you with all your insurance needs.
There is no cost to you: There is no fee to work with an insurance broker. We are paid a commission by our insurance partners. It won’t cost you anything to work with me. Why not have access to more insurance options?
Cost effectiveness: In most instances, broker pricing is better than insurance company pricing, making working with a broker more cost effective. We can shop the market and help you find the best rates without sacrificing your coverage. We know how to find you insurance discounts and will negotiate with insurance providers to help you get the best rates possible.
Insurance options: With dozens of insurance industry contacts and partners, I can shop around and find you the best rates and coverage for your business. With a broker, you are not limited to coverage options from a single insurance company.
Advice and advocacy: A broker’s job is not done once we find you a policy. Our service continues beyond your insurance purchase. As licensed professionals, we are here to provide you with impartial advice about your business insurance options. We serve your interests and work on your behalf as an intermediary between you and insurance companies. This also means we will help you through the claims process and act as your advocate with your insurance provider.

If your business insurance policy is coming up for renewal, you are not satisfied with the service of your current insurance provider, or you want to explore your options, I’d be happy to help. Contact me directly to get a no obligation business insurance quote in Toronto
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