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Home and Auto Spring Cleaning Maintenance Tips

The changing of the season is the perfect time of the year to get things done and prepare for the warm weather ahead. Two of the most important things to get in order are your home and your vehicle. They are two investments that you need to protect, and a little spring cleaning will help you keep both in top condition.

The following provides you with some great tips for home and car maintenance: 

Home Maintenance Tips

Spring cleaning means different things. For some, it’s time to clean out the garage; and for others, it’s time to replace your winter clothing with your summer attire. For homeowners, it means getting your home in order for summer and making sure the winter weather didn’t cause too many issues.

Here are some important tips to ensure your home is in top shape this spring:

·         Walk around the perimeter of your home to check for cracks, sources of leaks and other issues
·         Check the gutters to ensure they are clear of obstructions
·         Check out your deck/patio/shed to ensure there is no new damage or issues
·         Check your furnace filter
·         Check the seals around your windows
·         Make a spring cleaning list and get to work – dust your home, clean the windows, steam clean the carpets, check the fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors, and pull out your summer landscaping equipment

Another important thing you can do each spring is review your home insurance policy before it comes up for renewal. Things change, and those changes can impact your insurance rates.

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Car Maintenance Tips

Spring is also the perfect time of the year to get your car ready for the summer driving season. Vehicle maintenance is very important, not only to keep your vehicle running effectively, but also to help keep repair costs down.

Here are some important vehicle maintenance tips for spring:

·         Switch off your winter tires (Don’t forget to talk to your insurer about the winter tire insurance discount!)
·         Clean the car interior
·         Take the car to the car wash for a good scrubbing
·         Take the car in for an oil change
·         Check the body of the car for dents, scratches and damage caused by road salt/winter driving
·         Change the wiper blades

Spring is also great time to review your car insurance policy. Has anything changed? Have your driving habits changed? Do you need to add a driver to your policy? Does your coverage meet your needs?

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Explore Your Insurance Options and Shop Around with a Toronto Insurance Broker

If you are ready to do some spring cleaning on your home and auto insurance policy, working with an insurance broker in Toronto is your best bet. Contact me directly to discuss your home and auto insurance needs.

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